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We realize that accurate and durable products must come from good raw materials. Therefore, we have developed a physical characteristics test method to examine our raw materials bought from different suppliers. This method has been implemented since the founding of NTF. No matter where the raw materials come from, we can select the best one for our customers.


In manufacturing process, welding is an important part. If the weld zone has some defects such as pin holes, the filter efficiency will be downgraded. As a result, we put a lot of efforts to co-develop automatic welding machines with our vendor to ensure high quality weld. In addition, professionally trained technicians are an important part as well. We constantly send co-workers to attend related seminars and courses to keep up with the latest technology.


Furthermore, the bubble point test, based on ISO4003 is a vital method to guarantee our quality. Through the test, we can find out if a product’s filtration rating is correct and if it has been damaged during the manufacturing process. Every product that we delivered has been tested at least twice, first in the semi-finished stage and second in the finished stage. We are proud to say that NTF’s quality can compete with the best of the world!


Stainless steel filter elements are very suitable for high temperature, corrosion, and high pressure environment. They are widely used in many fields, such as petrochemical, plastic, rubber, pharmacy, food & beverage, machinery, semiconductor, thin film, and water treatment. Due to the diversity of applications, we have a professional team to help you choose the right filter media and products, as well as provide custom design and client service.

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