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Nonwoven Sintered Fiber

Each layer is constructed by stainless steel fiber through air lay-down. Several layers of fiber sheet are compressed together according to filter rating requirement and then sintered together in a vacuum chamber at about 1250°C.



The pore size is not easily to be changed in harsh operating environment and conditions. The medium belongs to depth filtration with high dirt-holding capacity, and is very effective for soft or gel-like contaminants. It can be pleated to increase the filter area.

Absolute Rating: 3μ, 5μ, 7μ, 10μ, 15μ, 20μ, 25μ, 30μ, 40μ, 60μ, etc.

Material: SS316L

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is weaved by warp wires and weft wires. Its specification is represented by wire diameter and mesh count per inch. Common weaves include plain weave, twilled weave, dutch weave, and dutch twilled weave.


The medium is not sintered so the pore size can be changed. It belongs to surface filtration and is easily to be regenerated. It can be pleated to increase the filter area as well.

Nominal Rating: 1μ ~ 500μ

Material: SS304, SS316, SS316L

Multilayer Sintered Mesh

The medium is formed by several layers of wire mesh and then sintered together. It is usually a five-layer construction. First is protection layer, second is control layer, third is dispersion layer, and fourth and fifth are support layer.


The pore size is not easily to be changed due to sintering. The medium belongs to surface filtration. When compare with sintered powder medium, its porosity is higher so the initial pressure loss is lower. It is often used in smooth type filter elements.

Nominal Rating: 1μ ~ 200μ

Material: SS316, SS316L