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Physical Characteristics Test Method

In order to assess the strength of filter medium under high pressure environment and the durability of it after multiple times of regeneration, we have developed the following two tests exclusively for nonwoven sintered fiber.


■ Tensile Strength Test

Purpose:To find out whether the tensile strength of nonwoven sintered fiber meets our standard.

Procedure:Cut a 10mm width sample from the medium and fix it on the test apparatus. Pull the lever until the sample is broken into two pieces. Read the value from tensile meter and repeat the procedure twice to get the average of tensile strength. Standard: Tensile strength must be above 13kgf.

Standard:Tensile strength must be above 13kgf.


■ Unit Weight and Porosity

Purpose:To find out whether the stainless steel fiber content is enough and whether the porosity meets our standard.

Procedure:Measure the weight (g) and dimensions (mm) of the medium and divide the weight by the area.

Standard:Unit weight must be above 1000g/m2.

Porosity Calculation:Substitute unit weight(g/m2) and thickness(mm) to the following formula.


Standard:Porosity must be above 70%.